IMR is one of the first companies to be formed in India which is dedicated towards metal recycling right. The management of IMR is in to business since 1979 from its parent company M/S Bhawal Steel & Engg Company. IMR is recently formed to create a global leader in metal recycling from India and a whole own subsidiary which will be dedicated only in processing, trading and supply of ferrous and non ferrous metal scrap. We are privately owned company with core values form family run business since 1979.
Our core business is the recycling of scrap metal from a range of sources such as consumer products, industry, construction, ship breaking and demolition. This results in sales of recycled commodities of around 25000 Metric Ton a year. We have extensive ferrous and non-ferrous operations and produce over 50 grades of high quality recycled materials which are taken to market by our substantial road and rail network. Our core supply of this processed scrap is mainly to large melting casters and foundry casting industry.

Our reputation and financial strength

IMR is a reliable and financially robust market leader which is demonstrated by the fact that we continue to grow even in difficult economic conditions. We maintain our position at the forefront of the industry for innovation and integrity whether you're selling to us or buying from us and strive to provide the service of a local independent, with the capabilities of a large corporate. We are also committed to corporate social responsibility, to our workforce, local communities, our customers and the environment.

In Short:

  • Substantial ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling activities
  • Ethical and responsible work culture
  • Maximizing recycling rates
  • Working towards zero waste
  • Premium quality recycled metal products for re-melting and foundry purpose
  • Local support on a global level
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